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GABS 2013 Drinking Order

With GABS 2013 just around the corner its time to try and put together a drinking order list. This year they are mixing it up… a lot, rather then 4 bars serving all the beers, they have split it up into 6 sections, and the bit I think is a bit silly… each section had … Continue reading »

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Good Beer Week 2013 Event Idea!

With Good Beer Week 2013 being announced today I am once again reminded that my favourite event of the year, happens to be the same week of my Anniversary.. Now I’m pretty sure next year marks 9 long years my poor partner has had to put up with me. I feel sorry for her, and … Continue reading »

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Good Beer Week Drinking Order

I’m sure all us beer Snobs are going to create a list of recommended drinking orders, and there will be much debate about what should go where… This is the first Draft of my List. Not having tried any of the beers does make it harder. Things like IPA have been ordered purely on IBU. … Continue reading »

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Letter to a Restaurant

After reading @Ale_of_a_time recent blog post “Thoughts on beer in Melbourne Restaurants” it got me thinking about something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. And that is open a dialogue with a restaurant to try and determine why thought and effort is put in to wine, but beer is treated like something they add … Continue reading »

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BYO License and Beer

Dear Restaurant Owner, I have a bone to pick with  you. Why do you not allow me to bring my own beer when  you have a BYO license? Sure you might stock the usual range of mass produce horsepiss in a bottle created by the likes of CUB or Lion Nathan, or that slightly better, … Continue reading »

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Are we not critical enough of Australian Brewers?

The question was just asked here on twitter. So for my 2c’s here goes. Short answer is.. no we are not. But do we need to be? There are many brewers who “play it safe”.  I recall reading a comment after GABS at the Local Taphouse that Australian Brewers do not take enough risk. I … Continue reading »

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What is your favourite beer?

What is your best/favourite beer? This is a question that I am often asked. I’ve had over 650 different beers, 230 + of them from Australia, and the rest from many many countries around the world. If you’re really interested a fairly complete list can be found here. My beer journey started like many others. … Continue reading »

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