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Goodbeer Week Events 2013

Posted by on May 13, 2013

On the off chance that anyone actually cares what I’m doing during good beer week :D

Sunday 19th

Going Large: Mountain Goat IPA Dinner at Rockwell and Sons.

Was tossing up doing the Josie Bones event as well, but how much food can one fat man eat in one Afternoon..

Ok plenty, but thats not the point… Probably works out well since the mate I am dragging around good beer week lands back in Melbourne on Sunday morning… He thought it was Saturday night… :D

Monday 20th
Great Beer Buffet at Temple Brewery.

Beer… Buffet… Sounded good to me!

Tuesday 21th

Old Salt Brewing Co. Adventure on the high seas


Moon Dog & Rockwell Collaboration Brew Party

The adventures on the high seas is one of the more unique events of this years GBW.. And quite possibly the stupidest one :D Why? Beer… Boat… Boat… Beer… Am I painting a picture? Maybe a technicolour one?

Luckily it’s only in the bay, and I like boats.. Could be an interesting one though.

I’ve also been to Rockwell and Sons precisely zero times before GBW… and it’s the second time in 3 days. Hard to pass up a Moon dog event.

Wednesday 22nd
Brewers & Chewers at the taphouse.

Was a pretty damn good event last year. We got lucky and had the table with Denise from Moylan’s as well as one of the owners of the taphouse, Guy. So plenty of great beery conversation, only lowlight is Kjetil wouldn’t share the recipe for Sweet Horizon! :D

Thursday 23rd
Believe it or not, no GBW events today. It’s our 9yr anniversary and since no one ran with my excellent idea of a beer widows romantic dinner thing we are going to try out Melba at the Langham..

Friday 24th
Beermen.TV presents: The Hair of the Dog Breakfast





The Beermen boys are back doing the Hair of the Dog, It’s a cracker of an event and a nice warm up for GABS..

Not sure if we will crash the Arvo session after the brekkie finishes or hit up the Evening session.. But either way.. There are a lot of beers to try.. and so little time to try them!

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th

Gabs Arvo sessions… Season pass is genius! GENIUS!

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