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Good Beer Week 2013 Event Idea!

Posted by on July 11, 2012

With Good Beer Week 2013 being announced today I am once again reminded that my favourite event of the year, happens to be the same week of my Anniversary.. Now I’m pretty sure next year marks 9 long years my poor partner has had to put up with me.

I feel sorry for her, and so should you. She’d probably get less for murder…. :D

Anyway… It got me thinking.

While there are a lot of beery couples out there, there are more partners out there who have to put up with the their significant others stumbling home at 2am after having a big night out…..All week for those of us who are keen! And while 2am may seem early for some… Try catching the last Belgrave train home each night :D

So…. Hopefully a venue likes this idea and runs with it…. How about a “Thank your Partner Beer Event” Of course it will need a better a name, but the idea is basically…. Couples tables, Romantic type setting… Good Beer, and dare I say it… Wine and cocktails… some great food… And an opportunity to thank our significant others for being significant! Oh and very understanding of our late nights and obsession with the nectar of the gods.

Oh… And maybe it should be hosted (or just guests of honour?) by Karen and David Golding from Red Hill Brewery… Icing on the cake!

So being that it is my idea, the 23rd of May would be awesome. But really, I think its a fun concept that gets our partners involved, even if they don’t drink beer, and its a good way to say thanks.

What do you guys think? Feel free to bag it, or love it, in the comments :D

2 Responses to Good Beer Week 2013 Event Idea!

  1. Crafty

    Mrs Pint was planning on putting together a Good Beer Week Widow’s Guide for this year’s festival. Definitely keen to see more events that cater for couples, families, etc. Karen and Dave will have had enough time to recharge after closing their cafe that I’m sure they’ll be raring to host it!

  2. Endo

    Lol a widows guide could be a good read :D

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