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Slowbeer Haul 7/10/2011

Posted by on October 9, 2011
  1. Victory Baltic Thunder
  2. Victory Hop Wallop
  3. Victory Prima Pils
  4. Victory HopDevil
  5. Victory Storm King Imperial Stout
  6. Victory Yakima Glory Ale
  7. Victory V Twelve
  8. Moylans Norcal IPA
  9. Moylans Tipperary Pale Ale
  10. Shmaltz Messiah Bold
  11. Shmaltz Genesis Ale
  12. Beer Here Kama Citra
  13. Amager Rated XxX
  14. 2 x Red Hill Scotch Ale

2 Responses to Slowbeer Haul 7/10/2011

  1. James

    Sensational haul! Those Victory beers are something special…so well balanced and drinkable for big American beers!

    The Beer Here Kama Citra probably one of the best Brown Ales I’ve had recently.


  2. Vera

    Yes, I left that kind of vague. Sorry. I don’t want it to sound like I don’t know certain thgins, so here is some stuff to think about. In Washington, if your beer is in the book (in the distributor’s book, price list, price book, product book, whatever it is called), any licensed establishment can order your beer. If the distributor has it in stock, they must deliver/sell the beer. By law. No playing favorites. You cannot be picky about who does and does not get the beer. Now, if you want to prevent your beer from ending up at certain retailers, you can kind of work around it. You can do what you can to make sure that only good beer bars, good bottleshops, and high-quality retailers sell your beer. Russian River (and some others) do a good job of it. But in the end, if Olive Garden wants your damn beer they can get it. If Discount Beer Depot Beyond wants to buy your beer, you cannot stop them. I can only assume that in other markets a brewery can choose who does and does not get the pleasure of selling the beer. Perhaps that is an important piece of this puzzle. I don’t want to speculate. And I don’t want to turn this into a discussion of the three-tier system. Which I guess it has already become.

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