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The Woolshed Pub

Posted by on June 27, 2011

Shed 9, Central Pier, Docklands 3008


Beerscore: 3

Food: 5 / 5

Staff: 3/5

We visited the woolshed since we picked up one of those spreet vouchers pretty cheap, the voucher was for a seafood platter for two for half price with a bottle of grape piss thrown in. Good thing the missus drinks that stuff :)

The beer list is more impressive in its length, then its actual content. Although there were a few different styles so it wasnt too bad.

They do boast 11 taps, but 2 ciders are included on those taps, and on the beer list… Beer is rarely made with apples… Anyway… As well as the usual suspects, Fat Yak and Kronenbourg 1664 made the cut on to the tap list.

They also had Alpha Pale Ale and a few wheat’s in bottles.

Bottle List

Tap List

















The seafood platter was quite impressive in that it wasn’t one of those take 3 tier basket, dunk it oil and fry the shit out of it.

The softshell crab and a delicious batter, and the calamari was tender and the batter was light. The rest of the seafood was served cold and included Morton Bay Bugs, Prawns Oysters and Scallops.

For dessert we shared a Sticky Date Pudding, the butterscotch sauce was sensational.

The only¬† negative was the attitude given. My missus asked if she could swap the entire bottle of white, for a glass of red. They said no. Which really wasn’t a huge deal being that the spreets deal came with the bottle of white. The big annoyance was the way that as soon as we finished dessert we were rudely asked “Would you like anything else?” and when we declined, we were promptly handled the bill.

Nothing says GTFO like an unprompted bill. I got the feeling that the attitude towards spreet’s customers may have been a managerial thing more then a staff thing. Other then those two instances, the service itself was reasonably good. I’d be interested in going back there again to see what the service is like as a “full paying” customer.


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