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Josie Bones

Posted by on June 27, 2011

98 Smith Street Collingwood


Beerscore: 5

Food: 5 / 5

Staff: 5/5

Josie Bones is owned by Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins from Series 1 of Masterchef. I’m not sure if they ever actual do any cooking themselves, which is a shame.. As being a fan of the show, I wouldn’t mind seeing what grub they can come up with :)

Josie Bones goes to the effort of hiring a Beer Manager. Don’t call James a sommelier as he thinks he doesn’t know enough. But he does do a pretty damn good job of it.

While I don’t always agree with his recommendations, he tries to keep his customers happy, and is very passionate about beer.  He knows his beer list very well, and there are hundreds on the menu.

The only real annoyance with Josie Bones.. The price of beer.  Both times I’ve been there, there has been nothing on tap under $10.

Having said that, he did offer to replace one of the Imperial Stouts I had on the night, since it was a bit over carbonated, and he when he suggested a beer to the missus, he offered to take it off the bill if she didnt like it. So I guess for that kind of service,  you pay the price.


I was too busy enjoying myself to take photos of the food, but as you would expect from an ex masterchef contestant, it was “well plated” and really was full of flavour. They are really tappas sized plates. So you are looking at 2-3 dishes + dessert each, which does make it an expensive night.

The desserts are bloody awesome, both times I’ve been there they have been worth the visit alone, never mind the mammoth beer list.

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